Alexander III. Russian sovereign (Russian Version)

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Material Cardboard, paper
Size 27 х 20 сm
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Language Russian
Bibliography entry ISBN 978-5-89076-396-9
Страниц 340
Publishing year 2020

After the tragic death of Alexander II, the new monarch was faced with the extremely difficult task of preserving and strengthening autocratic power, holding back the growing onslaught of the revolutionary elements, at the end of the thirteen-year reign of Alexander III, Russia's positions were stronger than ever. Of the entire cohort of Russian emperors, only Peter I and Catherine II succeeded in doing this, who to no small extent went down in history as the "Great" ones. This book tells about the life and deeds of, perhaps, "the most Russian" in the entire history of our fatherland, the emperor - Tsar-“Peace-Maker” Alexander III.

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