Russian Empress. Not a husband's shadow.

Material Paper
Size 24 x 17 cm
Vendor code GIM-00486
Language Russian
Bibliography entry ISBN 978-5-89076-398-3
Страниц 328
Publishing year 2020

For many years the Russian empresses were in the shadow of their sovereign spouses. They were of interest to society only because they provided the Russian throne with their sons-heirs and gradually put pressure on their husbands.But they were all outstanding personalities, gifted and educated. Their absolute love and faith, wisdom and patience softened and balanced the toughness of the uncompromising monarchs. Courageously enduring the blows of fate or betrayal, they did not harden, retained their fortitude, sincerely loved Russia and tried very hard to become useful to her. Diaries and letters of Russian empresses, their husbands and associates, magnificent portraits, engravings, as well as unique photographs reveal the inner world of these extraordinary women, making it possible to understand their thoughts, feelings and motives of actions.

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