Russian wedding

Russian wedding

The exhibition “Russian wedding” is dedicated to wedding traditions - the most important part of everyday and spiritual culture of the people. She introduces the visitor to the forgotten and largely lost Russian folk traditions. Visitors have a rare opportunity not only to see the most interesting and rarely exhibited museum items, but also to make a real journey through the wedding ceremony.

Among the rare and especially valuable exhibits at the exhibition are wooden high reliefs depicting a peasant wedding. They were made by an unknown sculptor of the late 18th - early 19th centuries and presented to the exhibition by the Tver Regional Art Gallery.

Subject complexes complement the painting. Among them are the famous painting by the unknown artist of the 18th century, "The Bachelorette Party in the City of Toropets," from the collection of the Historical Museum, as well as the famous painting by artist M. Shibanov, "The Celebration of the Wedding Contract" of 1777, which is stored in the Tretyakov Gallery, and the painting "The Old Rite of the Blessing of the Bride in Murome "I. S. Kulikova from the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve.

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