Архитектура и интерьеры

Architecture and interiors


Architectural character of the museum was determined in December 1873. It was aimed at St. Basil’s Cathedral (1555-1561) and familiar monuments of ancient Russian architectonics XVI-XVII cent. The decoration of the interiors of the halls reflects the elements of the decor of key monuments of ancient Russian art, booklore and architecture, as well as motifs typical for the cultures of the stone, iron and bronze centuries. The floors of the first floor were decorated with mosaics, the floor of the Parade entrance and the steps of the stairs were made of Carrara marble. Historical reconstructions on the plots developed by scientists were commissioned from famous Russian painters. For decorating hall №2 Viktor Vasnetsov painted a friso "The Stone Age", for hall №4 Henryk Siemiradzki painted two picturesque pictures "The burial of the Rus in Bulgar" and "The night sacrifices" (currently in hall №8). The hall "B" is decorated with panorama of the Kerch Strait made by Ivan Aivazovsky. Later in halls decoration were involved Valentin Serov, Sergei Korovin, Ilya Repin.

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