Decorative and applied art

Decorative and applied art


To worldwide level collections relates artifact assemblage of Russian golds- and silversmithing XI-XX centuries. That collection depicts development of the jewellery in 50 arts centers of Russia and 20 arts centers of Commonwealth of Independent States. Collections of secular and spiritual natured items with tenure and church inscriptions are to be specially noted as well as collections of charter silver vessels XVII-XVIII centuries. Among the unique is a collection of lighting equipment and small statuary XI-XVIII centuries. The particular interest of the richest gathering of Russian fin de sircle jeweler deserves special mention in terms of diverse reflection in conduct of famous firms such as "Fabergé", "Bolin", "Sazikov", "Hlebnikov", "Ovchinikov" etc. Collection of pieces of art made by European masters are considered to be less known but also valuable.

The fund of works of applied art, stored in the Historical Museum, includes collections of embroidery, a particularly significant part of which consists of works of face sewing XII - early XX centuries; artistic lace of the XVII-XX centuries, carpets and tapestries, leather items, beads and Russian carved bones.

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