Искусство советского периода

Soviet art


An important part of Historical museum’s collection is a collection of Soviet art. Collection of artistic Leniniana 1910-1980 is especially valuable, it brings together masterpieces of several generations of artists, sculptors and illustrators.

Collection of decorative and applied art presents works done by artists and craftspeople from 80 countries. Among the most significant museum collections is the collection of a political poster of the Soviet era, numbering more than 6,000 works created in 1918-1991. The collection of philately, philocarty and faleristics devoted to the Leninist subject and history of the USSR (postcards issued in 1918-1920 - the first portraits of VI Lenin and reproductions of paintings by famous Soviet artists) also takes particular note. In branch’s funds is stored a peculiar photo-chronical: it is gathering of photos related to industrialization, collectivization; portraits of famous Russian and foreign public figures; party congresses in the USSR and CMEA countries. This is the image of the country and the era that the authorities wanted to represent.

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