Ткани и костюмы

Fabrics and costume


Currently collection of Fabrics and costume department comprise about 400 000 items. Those are: fabrics produced in Russia XVII-XXI centuries, fabrics XV-XX centuries (mainly silken) that were imported from Iran, Turkey, China, Italy, France and other countries. Collection of textile includes: historical clothing XVI-XVIII cent., religious habits, Russian folk costumes, fashion garments including headgear, shoes, bags, belts, fans, umbrellas, walking sticks XIX-XX cent., military and civil uniforms XVIII-XX cent., costumes belonging to indigenous people from Volga region, Caucasus, Siberia, Baltic region and Central Asia. Also it contains governmental regalia, State and public organizations’ symbols, namely, flags and pennants XVIII-XX cent., photography of folk and urban costumes, pictures of embroidery and models of clothing, drawings of patterns, fashion albums.

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